Seeking Players

This campaign is currently seeking players in the Phoenix (east valley) area. If you’re interested in joining the campaign, send me a message!

Welcome to Eden

The rural town of Eden has existied despite the rumors of war for over a hundred years, trapped between a technological superpower of human supremacists and a once-peaceful kingdom of diversity transformed into an arcane mirror image of its enemy. You’re no stranger to either side of the conflict and the Town Council has largely kept themselves out of it. Recently, however, the town has been visited by propagandists and recruiters from both sides who are pressuring the town council to choose a side.

It is this choice that will affect you and everyone who resides in the Eden.

As one of the residents, will you become a hero, a villain, or a survivor?

Character Creation

  • Standard Savage Worlds character creation, except start as Seasoned.
  • Races: pre-built races from Fantasy Companion or Science Fiction Companion
  • Build your own race: Use rules from Science Fiction Companion

Available Arcane Backgrounds

  • Sorcery
  • Psionics (Broken Earth, rules)
  • Ritual
  • Weird Science

Eden Ain't so Grand